Friday, February 6, 2009

Lots of Great Referral News

There have been 14 referrals given out to families during the end of January and beginning of February. It has been a very exciting time for our program. There have been referrals for 2 infant males, 3 infant females, 1 male toddler, 3 female toddlers, 2 males over 5 years old and 3 females over 5 years old. This still puts our wait time between 9-11 months which means we should receive our referral between March and May. I think maybe panic mode might be setting in because I have been thinking about everything we need to get done to be ready to welcome this little one into our lives. My mind is racing and Travis is nice and laid back reminding me that everything will get done. On the unofficial list of waiting families we are between 6-9. There are 4 of us that have the same DTE but to think there is such a small number of families waiting ahead of us is an unbelievable feeling!!! I never thought we would finally be getting so close!!! We just ask that you continue to pray for the waiting families and most of all for the orphans all over the world!!!