Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Purchase for Olivia

I have been seeing lots of the (product) red items at the Gap and have really been wanting some but I was waiting to see if they would go on sale. (for those of you that know me you know I have to find a deal before I can buy something) Well when I went to their website the other day I found they were having a great sale so I decided I just had to have a couple of them. Half of the proceeds from this purchase go to help fund Aids research in Africa. I bought this adorable onesie and also a shirt for our little girl once she comes home. I thought it would be really neat for her to have these outfits. One thing that I have learned throughout this adoption process is PATIENCE. We are still patiently waiting for our packet to arrive that contains all of the details that we need to re-do our paperwork for our dossier. We did find out from our caseworker that we are now in the DCFS computer system which is good to know that our fingerprints did not get lost!! However, she has not received our DCFS foster care license yet but hopefully soon she will. We have families from AWAA that are getting ready to travel to Ethiopia and I just ask that you would pray for these families as they prepare to leave and for their safety while they are gone and to have wonderful reunions with their children!!


Danielle said...

I have this for our little one, too! I just can't wait to see her in it (and yet we have to!) It's been nice visiting your blog!